COVID-19 Pantry Response!

Food – We are able to get deliveries from the San Antonio Food Bank but we are ordering more than usual due to the demand. We have seen 25% increase in visitors last month and expect more in the coming months. Local churches continue to support us with food & monetary donations as well as the community. Donations keep us going!

Volunteers – are always needed. We have been fortunate to see so many people stepping up to help out at the Pantry. We have gone to curbside pickup which we have found requires us to have a lot more volunteers. We’re practicing social distancing and all volunteers are now wearing masks.

The Pantry continues to be open 2 days a week. We made the decision to close the Table (lunches 3 days a week) for the time being because our volunteers are all older and we didn’t want to compromise them in any way. We are trying to make sure our home bound people are taken care of though. We are delivering small grocery bags of food with items for breakfast & lunches each Tuesday to our home bound clients. We have had a lot of positive feedback from those clients. We could use some items for that – soup, canned tuna, crackers, etc…


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